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I am Pastor at Poquonock Community Church, Congregational (CCCC) in Windsor, CT. My wife Jama and I live in Wetherfield, CT. We'd like to invite you to Terre Haute -- High Ground -- That's what Jama and I call the retreat space on our property. We offer free intentional get-away retreats. We'll feed you and house you and give you space to be with the Lord. All are welcome; no questions asked. This blog is my daily devotional journal. I write it because it is so easy to go for weeks without ever taking the time to be alone with God. Writing helps me develop a discipline I need.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Morning

Hosea 6:6  For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

This morning I woke up really ready to praise God.  It doesn't happen all that often.  The combination of dreams I had caused me to wake with a smile on my face even though the weather outside is grey and kind of threatening.  I came downstairs after my shower and put the coffee on, let the dogs out, and sat down to read the Lectionary.  

Wait.  I have to check my email.

Back to the Lectionary.

Hang on.  I should check my bank balance and stock prices.  All good.

Back to the Lection...

There's an email from a good friend and someone responded to someone else's comment on Facebook.  I really should take a look at that.

Back to the Lect...

Finally read the passages, though to be honest, I need the aid of an audio Bible reading it for me to maintain my concentration on what's on the page.  Chalk it up to morning.  After reading I spent a few minutes meditating on the passages, and then, down to writing.  

Oops... Jama just came down for breakfast... and the coffee is ready... I'm kind of hungry.

Back to the... what was I doing?

"I desire steadfast love."  

Oh dear.


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