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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The beginning of wisdom

Job 28:28  ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom,
and to turn away from evil is understanding.’” 

What a great conclusion to come to!  When all is said and done, to know the great peace of standing in the presence of One so terrible and awesome that just being there should rightly invoke terror (if not death), and yet to know that you are invited to do so and welcome at his feet!  

We've made a culture out of not being awed by practically anything.  We pass off natural disasters with the same cynical non-chalonce with which we dismiss the grandeur of nature.  "If you've seen one, you've seen them all."   And so we do with God himself.  In most of our churches the adoration of God has been replaced with something akin to a pep-rally before a sporting event.  Hype is not equivalent to reverential fear.  You can walk away from hype, and 10 minutes later you feel nothing.  Real fear is more long-lasting.  It affects you deeply in your soul.

I was reminded this morning again of the profound meaning of the mezuzah, the little scripture portion (Deuteronomy 6) that hangs on the doorpost of every Jewish household.  In an orthodox home, there is supposed to be a mezuzah on the door of each and every room.  As one enters the room they are to touch their hand to the mezuzah and recite, "Blessed are you, Lord God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with his commandments."  Why would they do that?  It seems so repetitive, so formulaic.  The reason is simple: so we won't forget the fear.    Imagine knowing in a fresh way, every time you pass from room to room, that God is the Lord.  You really should try the exercise for just 15 minutes some Saturday when you're cleaning house.  You'll be amazed at how it brings God front-and-center in your thinking.

Today, I pray you will know the fear of the Lord and that knowing him in this way will lead you into a place of great wisdom as you go from room-to-room -- as you travel through the activities of daily life.  May you know the fear of Him in each room.

Yours in Christ,


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