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Friday, October 31, 2008

Service with a smile

For the past four years I've been "mentoring" a young pastor named Blake.  I put the word mentoring in quotes because I often feel like he's far brighter, far more well-equipped for ministry than I am.  And he is certainly more of all the things we look for in a call than I could have hoped to be at 32.   Anyway, he gives me an exercise in humility every Thursday morning at 8 in a little restaurant not far from where he lives.   

Three days ago I came down with some kind of stomach flu-thing.  I called Blake on Thursday morning and told him I couldn't meet with him because I wasn't feeling well enough.  He was gracious and said it was no problem.  Thursday afternoon I had a cord of wood for our fireplace dumped in my driveway.  I looked at it all afternoon Thursday and just couldn't face moving it.  This morning I knew I had to.  I have three showings on our house on Saturday and the place has to look good.

I called Blake and my young friend Bobby (also someone I've mentored for 9 years) and asked if they could help me out in a jam.  Both said yes immediately.  It was Blake's and Bobby's good backs, strong arms, and cheerful hearts that ministered Christ to me today.  Blake called himself "The Engergizer Bunny".  I'd call it a servant heart.  Bobby I've come to expect it from.  It is part of his nature.  It is one of the ways he expresses his faith.   He has been there for me and for our family with physical assistance with our dog, our house, moving stuff, transporting people, more times than I can count.  He never complains -- ever.   A couple of servants.  You just never know where you'll find them.  

I guess Jesus was right with that business about the cup of cold water.

Thank you, God... for Bobby and Blake.  Oh... and thanks for the load of wood.


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